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The youngest of a large Northern Ontario family of poets and artists, Teresa de Grosbois has had a life-long fascination with children’s books.  She believes that children’s books are one of the world’s greatest teaching tools. By reading together, adult and child can learn together.  A professional speaker and business trainer by profession (visit www.WildfireWS.com for Teresa's primary Website), Teresa writes children's books to teach law of attraction skills and to raise money for schools in developing countries.  Teresa is passionate about helping children to learn and to think about their relationships to others and to the world. 

Teresa is an international speaker and speaks to parents and children about principles of living a happy, peaceful life.  She has just finished a Canada-US book and speaking tour.

Living in Calgary, Alberta with her two daughters, Rae and Fiona, Teresa is an avid hiker and loves the outdoors. She is a volunteer with the Alberta Civil Mediation Program and is the President of the Canadian Foundation of Youth Relations & Education, an organization which raises money for underprivileged schools and education programs around the world. Jennifer and Teresa have dedicated half of the royalties from this book to this cause.



Teresa's school speaking programs are sponsors by

Investor Group Calgary - Frederick Montilla.

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