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Hey kids - Do you know what a hero is?

A hero is someone who gives of themselves to help others without expecting anything in return.   To practice being a hero, you can start right at home.   You know what's great?   When you practice this, others may start to look up to you and copy what you're doing. 

Here are some ideas!

  • Carry your dishes to the kitchen and make sure your plate is scrapped into the garbage
  • Offer to clear the table all by yourself
  • Help you brother or sister clean their room
  • Help Mom or Dad in the garden
  • Help fold the laundry
  • Help put the groceries away
  • Read to your younger brother or sister

You can be featured here on our Website.  Send us your ideas at heroes@smallshifts.com.  With your parent's permission, you can send us a photo too of you helping out at home and we'll post it on our Website.  We'll send you a free e-book activity book!



Climbing Kilimanjaro for African Kids

Small Shifts' author Fiona Fox, age 10, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro this February to raise money for African kids.  Joined by her co-authors Rae Fox & Mom Teresa de Grosbois.  Watch our Press section for updates.  To donate visit www.firstgiving.com/FionaFox