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You have the power to change the WORLD!

Kids all over the world have discovered that they can make a big impact on the world.  Speak up for children and others in need around the world!

Here are some ideas of things you could ask your parents about:

  • Be a birthday hero!
  • Have a penny drive to raise money for children in developing countries
  • Organize a play or talent show to raise money for organizations helping developing countries
  • Organize a car wash to raise money
  • Use part of your allowance to sponsor a child with a group of friends or your brothers and sisters

You can be featured here on our Website.  Send us your ideas at heroes@smallshifts.com.  With your parent's permission, you can send us a photo too of you helping the world and we'll post it on our Website.  We'll send you a free e-book activity book!



Climbing Kilimanjaro for African Kids

Small Shifts' author Fiona Fox, age 10, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro this February to raise money for African kids.  Joined by her co-authors Rae Fox & Mom Teresa de Grosbois.  Watch our Press section for updates.  To donate visit www.firstgiving.com/FionaFox