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School Programs for Law of Attraction, Happiness and Social Responsibility - By Teresa de Grosbois, Children's Author



Interactive Law of Attraction Programs
Teach children to live their best lives!

Teresa de Grosbois is an expert on children and an international Law of Attraction speaker for families. Her programs interactively teach children the skills and knowledge they need to strengthen relationships, focus on their goals and live happier more conscious lives. She writes leading edge books for children on Law of Attraction.



Program 1 – Practicing Peace: healthy Law of Attraction attitudes
This 45 minute program offers children a basic understanding of how conflict happens.  Children are introduced to basic concepts of how our energy and attitudes affect the way we interact with others.   As a mediator, Teresa also teaches children to understand and manage conflict better in their lives, to understand how bullying happens and how to create an environment of peace.       Content for grades K to 3, 4 to 6 or 7 to 9.

Program 2 – Focusing on your positive “wants” and passions
This 45 minute program teaches children the role of fear as a “marker” for what they don’t want to have happen.  This understanding is used as a basis to learn to focus on what they do want with an emphasis on identifying their passions.  This comical presentation helps kids interactively understand the importance of how they speak, think and act with respect to keeping their focus positive.          Content for grades K to 3, 4 to 6 or 7 to 9.

Program 3 – Getting the Two “G’s” – An Attitude of Gratitude and Giving
This 45 minute primer on “happiness” principles helps children to understand that happiness comes from within.  Exercises help children understand how their thoughts affect the way they feel and behave, which affects what they attract into their lives.  Children learn that happiness does not come from their “stuff”, but from their own heart.  Content for grades K to 3, 4 to 6 or 7 to 9.

Book Readings of the Presents’ Presents
These 20 minute book readings of Teresa’s first book, the Presents’ Presents (Published May 2008) teach children about gratitude and giving.  This true story, inspired by Teresa’s children and their friends, weaves the tale of a child who comes to realize that happiness does not come from “stuff”.  The Presents’ Presents has been nominated for six awards.  Half of the royalties from the sale of this book support The Canadian Foundation for Youth Relations & Education, an organization Teresa helped establish to partner schools in Canada with schools in the developing world.   Its purpose is to assist children in learning about our global community and to raise money for schools in developing nations.  Content for grades K to 3.

School visits for any group size can be booked for any combination of these programs for up to 2.5 hours. A $375 honorarium is appreciated for school visits. Contact Small Shifts at 403-217-1782 or visit www.smallshifts.com for details.




Climbing Kilimanjaro for African Kids

Small Shifts' author Fiona Fox, age 10, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro this February to raise money for African kids.  Joined by her co-authors Rae Fox & Mom Teresa de Grosbois.  Watch our Press section for updates.  To donate visit www.firstgiving.com/FionaFox