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Small Shifts Books and Media Inc was established to serve the Canadian Foundation of Youth Relations and Education.  Half of the royalties from our books are dedicated to this cause in support of schools in developing nations.  We publish books to teach children and adults to live a happier, more aware, socially responsible life.

When reviewing work from prospective authors, we consider:

  1. Are they willing to donate half of their royalties to the Canadian Foundation of Youth Relations and Education in support of schools in developing countries;
  2. Does the work meet one or more of the themes listed below; and
  3. What is the author /illustratorís ability and track-record in promoting work of this nature  (to what level do they currently do public speaking, how much skill and time do they have to commit to promotion through print articles and media campaigns, school visits etc.).


Small Shifts publishes books which teach children and adults principles of living a happy, complete and socially responsible life.  For story books, although we look for the underlying lesson, the lesson must be subservient to the story-line to keep the book engaging and entertaining for children.  When accepting submissions we look for one or more of the following themes:

    • Law of attraction principles such as focusing on your goal and not your fear, living an attitude of giving and gratitude, or the law of allowing.
    • Principles of living in peace such as skills based books which teach listening empathetically, principles of constructive conflict, eliminating by-standing from a bullying culture.  Please note, we do not consider books which encourage children to do martial arts to prevent bullying as sufficiently aligned with our teaching philosophy unless they also teach other skills of constructive conflict.
    • Principles of living in balance  such as teaching philanthropy and teaching the balance between spending on toys and giving to help others. 
    • Principles of living with greater consciousness of our surroundings and our interactions with the world.
    • Principles of spirituality such as living in the present, living with gratitude, understanding that happiness comes from inside us and not from things we have or achieve.


We are not currently accepting submissions.  Exceptions may be made for individuals whose work meets the above criteria and who have resources to put behind the project.  If you believe you may fit the exception category, please contact us at (403) 217-1782.


Climbing Kilimanjaro for African Kids

Small Shifts' author Fiona Fox, age 10, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro this February to raise money for African kids.  Joined by her co-authors Rae Fox & Mom Teresa de Grosbois.  Watch our Press section for updates.  To donate visit www.firstgiving.com/FionaFox