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Posted by:
Oct 10, 2008 - 08:46 PM
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A Parent’s Guide to Law of Attraction for Kids
172 Reads
– teaching the skills they need to live their best lives!

It was a warm afternoon in the park as I watched three small kids balancing along a log structure. I could tell beforehand that Maggie, the first one, would make it to the end without falling. She was clearly focused on where they wanted to go. John and Lucy behind her looked down. Focusing on what they were afraid of they fell off. It’s easy to understand the “law of attraction” with respect to the things we might focus on. The law of attraction works like this: want something and firmly believe that it is possible and probable and you’ll likely align your actions with achieving it. Persevere long enough and it will happen. Similarly, if we fear something and believe our fear is probable, we will unknowingly align our assumptions and actions and be drawn towards it. In the same way a child will fall off their bike by worrying about it, an adult driver will skid into a lamp post by focusing on it. The concept applies to relationships too. If what we fear someone dislikes us or wants to hurt us we are likely to assume things to protect ourselves. This creates a reaction in the other person that will often validate our assumption of their dislike and escalate the situation. Similarly, think someone wants to help you and they are more likely to.

My children’s books The Presents’ Presents and Fiona’s Fortitude are both stories to focus children’s attention on the positive. I decided to teach programs on this principle to children and parents, because as a mediator I see adults manifesting their fears in conflict every day. Teach the simple skills to avoid this to children at a young age and you end up with more successful and self confident adults. In school it’s easy to see how children manifest their fears. Shy Sandra, sitting in the corner afraid of the other kids is unlikely to attract friendship. Help her learn to focus on what she wants in a friend and she’ll have a friend in no time. As parents we need to notice our kids’ fears and help them learn to control their assumptions. Otherwise they’ll hit high school worried that the other kids hate them due to some invented reason. Do you know any co-workers who think everyone is out to get them? Wonder the reason they don’t get the best assignments? The reason simple: people naturally feel cautious around a person in a state of fear.

Anyone can learn to focus on the positive. Get into the habit of noticing what you are grateful for. Gratitude provides the foundation for understanding your desires. Teach your family gratitude with a daily routine of asking “what were you most grateful for today?” Next, notice what you’re afraid of and consciously choose to move towards an alternative you want. For example if you’re worried about your performance review, ask “What kind of performance do I want to work toward?” Show that you have confidence in this outcome by asking your boss for advice to achieve that. Think this way as a habit and your self confidence will soar!

Quick tips - Getting you and your family focused on what you want, not your fear
1. Focus on gratitude. This helps them see their desires that are most meaningful. Try:
• “What were you most grateful for today?”
2. Focus on desires, rather than their fears. Try:
• “If you could create a miracle, what would it be?”
3. Believe it is possible and probable achieve this goal. Use affirmations:
• “We’re good at doing hard things.”
• “I’m up to the challenge.”

About the Author: Teresa de Grosbois is an international speaker, mediator and children’s author. She heads the Canadian Foundation of Youth Relations and Education, which partners schools in Canada with schools in Developing Countries. Half of the royalties from this book support schools in developing nations through this cause. Visit smallshifts.com for more information.


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